Is Diet Or Exercise More Important For Weight Loss?

Yes, the diet is more effective for losing extra pounds, but with a small caveat. The emphasis should not be on diet, but on proper, regulated nutrition.

It is important to consume food wisely without a radical rejection of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. You can start medication also, Must Buy Exipure.

At the same time, you should not eat everything in a row, so as not to overdo it with a daily dose of calories.

Sports are a good addition to a healthy diet. Yes, it will not create a calorie deficit. But at the same time, it brings a lot of benefits to your body. Let’s take a look at these benefits below.

Why Does The Body Need Physical Activity?

How does sport help in weight loss? The body needs physical activity to:

  • Struggle With A Passive Way Of Life;
  • Acceleration Of Metabolism;
  • Shape And Figure Correction;
  • Improvement Of The Respiratory And Cardiovascular Systems;
  • Fight Against Edema;
  • Improving The Sensitivity Of Cells To Insulin To Reduce The Risk Of A Number Of Diseases (Diabetes, Polycystic Ovaries, And So On);
  • Stimulation of blood flow to organs.

All this and much more helps not only to remove extra pounds, but also to make your body healthy and beautiful.

I Exercise A Lot, Eat Little, But I’m Not Losing Weight. Why?

There are situations when hard training and dietary restrictions do not give the desired results. The work is going on – the weight is standing still. Why is this happening?

The main reason is metabolism. Exercising with a poorly organized diet can lead to a metabolic rate paradox.

Excessive calorie restriction creates a slowdown in metabolic processes. This provokes a slight weight loss.

We advise you not to refuse the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and not to starve. Since you will not have enough energy (calories) in the body for effective exercise.

What Factors Affect Weight

In addition to metabolism, the following factors affect the rate of weight loss:

  • Thyroid Disease;
  • Broken Sleep Mode And Its Poor Quality;
  • A Large Amount Of Toxins In The Body;
  • Stress

Factors such as sleep and stress are common. They can be normalized by adjusting the amount and quality of sleep (optimally – 7-8 hours) to restore the body after a day of work.

As well as improving your psychological state with the help of meditation, breathing, relaxation and much more.

Rules For Combining Diet And Exercise

The combination of proper nutrition and sports is the best option for the health and beauty of your body. While losing weight through diet and exercise, pay attention to things like:

  • Communication With A Specialist (Doctor, Trainer, Nutritionist, And So On) For An Individual Nutrition And Training Program;
  • Break Meals Into Small But Frequent Meals (5-6 Times A Day);
  • Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake To Build A Nutrition And Exercise Program For Weight Loss;
  • Don’t Forget To Drink Water During Your Workout.


The best way to lose weight is a combination of a healthy diet and physical activity. Nutrition can remove extra pounds, and sports will give the body strength, relief, elasticity and smartness.

We advise you to focus on your needs and goals when choosing a method for losing weight. The main thing is your health and well-being. We wish you productive training!